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Born on June 18, 1992, in Jena.
He completed his studies at Burg Giebichenstein Halle in 2020. After a year in Milan he now lives and works between Halle and Leipzig.
His artistic practice exlores the ways history is narrated in various pictorial forms and their claims of representation, power, permanence and finitude that are negotiated within them. The works move between photographic essays and installations. Already while studing, the relationship between politics and art played a major role besides his artistic practices. He engages this topic in publications and educational work.


A point is that which has no parts

Galerie im Volkspark, Halle — 2016
With Etienne Dietzel

In comparison with Euclid‘s definitions of basic geometric elements, the discrepancy between the infinite precision of mathematical space and the limited precision of material-bound representation is examined [...]

Hunting the huntress

Private online showing — 2016 (in progress)

In the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, I suddenly and completely unexpectedly encountered a very familiar figure from my youth. A life-size statue made of marble: Diana, at least in Rome she is called that. [...]

As if

Condominio, Milano — 2022
Groupeshow with Felicitas Fäßler, Lea Rohde, Etienne Dietzel, Jakob Schreiter
Excerpt from the exhibition text:

Questions of reality and its relation to images are the common ground in the individual artistic practice of Etienne Dietzel, Felicitas Fässler, Lea Rohde and Jakob Schreiter. [...]


Bleicherode — 2019

The design proposed a new central window for the church in Bleicherode, which forms a frame for the altar and borrows its motif from the idea of the eternal flame and the glow of a candle. [...]


Galerie im Volkspark, Halle — 2018
Excerpt from the exhibition text:

„A smoke-filled room“ is a term from American political jargon and describes a secret meeting of politicians in which a decision is made without publicity. [...]


Lutherstadt Eisleben — 2022

As part of the reconstruction of the church as a columbarium, also new windows have been created in accordance with the plans of the reconstruction. [...]

Folgen I & 2

Last show Friese, Hamburg — 2018 (in progress)
Site-specific installation from a section of 132 tubes

The work reflects on the possibilities of grouping a finite sequence of similar basic units by means of an ordering system. 132 tubes of crystal glass are brought together by wooden frames to form packages of four, six or eight individual tubes. [...]

I always wanted to take a picture like this

Café Hohenzollern, Halle — 2020
Excerpt from the exhibition text:

Back to the interview - probably in Kluge’s private apartment. During the interview a very interesting thread of conversation develops, which is joined together at the Frauenkirche. [...]


Kerchau — 2018

The new windows of the church in Kerchau consist of a combination of genuine antique glass and cast glass elements. These extend from the altar through all the windows. The crystalline structure of these elements arises from an algorithm that calculated all the possible connections that the Kerchau church has with surrounding churches. [...]


Kötzschau — 2019

In the church in Kötzschau, seating does not have a central aisle, as one might expect. Therefore, one always approaches the choir room from an arch. The windows take up this movement in a very clear symbol of the ring. [...]

New new topography

Void Start(){ Play(, Halle — 2018
With Etienne Dietzel
Excerpt from the exhibition text:

For a long time, the concept of the firmament as the earth-curving fortification of the celestial bodies was an essential part of the world view. [...]


Halle 14, Leipzig — 2021

Overburden is a term used to describe the layer between the earth’s surface and the minerals or metals extracted in mines. This layer has been exposed in the many abandoned VEB factories around Halle and Leipzig for years now and is constantly being reshaped by rain. [...]

20.000 tunin forks

Volkspark Halle, Halle — 2018
With Etienne Dietzel

Watson is a deep-learning algorithm developed by IBM. As one of the most advanced artificial intelligences (AI), it is used to solve problems in various fields. It can capture the meaning of speech and generate meaningful outputs. This form of interaction distinguishes the system from other AIs. [...]

Staunen — eine Annäherung

Self publishined — 2019

The work deals with the phenomenon of marvelling and consists of a literature research, which is accompanied by five free texts. Both slowly approach a concept of marvelling and its function in our access to our environment without actually reaching it directly. [...]

Working title

BLECH, Halle — 2020

The question: „Can you tell us something about your work?“ is probably the most common entry point into an artist talk. An unconditional request to explain the artistic work. [...]